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Crypto Hacking News: Massive Losses and Exploitations in the Last 24 Hours

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In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, security breaches continue to pose a significant risk. In the last 24 hours, several alarming incidents have been detected, resulting in substantial losses and exploitations. From drained funds to stolen NFTs, the crypto ecosystem has once again been hit by malicious actors. In this investigative report, we delve into the details of these incidents and shed light on the aftermath.

Incident 1: CLOUDNFT Deception
In the first incident, the deployer of CLOUD NFT (CLOUDNFT) drained a staggering 518.7K $BSC-USD from unsuspecting investors. What’s more concerning is that the perpetrator proceeded to swap 261.5K $BSC-USD for 1,070 $BNB and transferred them to Tornado Cash, a platform known for obfuscating transactions. This move further complicates the recovery process for affected investors. (source:…)

Incident 2: Exploitation
PeckShield, a leading blockchain security firm, has unveiled an exploit involving Approximately 65.7 $ETH, equivalent to $123.5K, have been siphoned away. This unauthorized withdrawal adds to the growing list of decentralized finance (DeFi) attacks, highlighting the urgent need for improved security measures. (source:

Incident 3: Phishing Attack on NFTs
In another disheartening incident, two valuable NFTs, namely #KILLABEARS #1978 and #KILLABEARS #2396, were stolen by an individual operating under the pseudonym #Fake_Phishing182232. These NFTs, known for their rarity and unique artistic appeal, hold significant value in the crypto market. The affected investors will now face the arduous task of tracking down the stolen assets. (source:…)

Incident 4: DeusFinance Exploitation
On May 5, 2023, the stablecoin $DEI, introduced by DeusFinance, was exploited across Ethereum, Arbitrum, and BNBChain. This devastating attack resulted in a total loss of approximately $6.4M. The exploit has impacted not only the platform but also investors across different chains, delivering a serious blow to the trust and credibility of the crypto industry as a whole. (source:

Incident 5: FTX Debtors’ Responsibility
In the midst of these security breaches, FTX Debtors have confirmed a crucial next step. They have set the “Customer Bar Date” for September 29, 2023, at 4 PM ET. This date serves as a deadline for affected customers to claim their losses. To streamline the process, FTX is preparing an online claims portal, easing the burden for affected individuals. The portal link can be found here: (source: CertiKSkynetAlert)

The past 24 hours have presented a bleak reality for the crypto world, with multiple incidents of hacking and exploitations taking place. These events highlight the pressing need for increased security measures and regulatory frameworks in the industry. As the crypto market continues to grow, it is crucial that users remain cautious, exercise due diligence, and employ the necessary security protocols to mitigate risks. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and protect your assets in this ever-evolving landscape.

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