Monday, May 20, 2024

Investigating the Latest 24-Hour Hacking News in Crypto

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In the world of cryptocurrencies, security breaches and malicious activities are unfortunately not uncommon. Today, we delve into the latest 24-hour hacking news that has sent shockwaves through the crypto space. Multiple incidents involving significant amounts of money have been reported, leaving investors and enthusiasts concerned about the vulnerabilities within the ecosystem.

1. Justin Sun and Lido:
The #PeckShieldAlert reveals that a “justinsun-labeled” address has withdrawn approximately 3,951 ETH from Lido and subsequently deposited a whopping 20,000 ETH (approximately $36.2 million) into Binance. Furthermore, 17,255 ETH (approximately $28 million) was transferred to the address 0x9EeB…8D6c. The motives behind these transactions remain unclear, raising questions about potential risks and intentions within the involved parties.

2. FTX Accounts Drainers:
According to #PeckShieldAlert, the labeled addresses associated with the FTX Accounts Drainers now hold a staggering $157 million worth of cryptocurrencies on the Ethereum blockchain. This sum primarily comprises 95.75K ETH. Disturbingly, 90K ETH has already been transferred out, and 3.2K ETH has been exchanged for approximately 194.2 tBTC. Additionally, a substantial 86.75K ETH has been swapped for roughly 4,823.7 BTC through the #Thorchain platform. Notably, 53 ETH was sent to an address identified as #railgun. The sheer magnitude of these transfers raises concerns about potential money laundering or illicit activities.

3. zkFlexFinance Exit Scam:
A disturbing #CertiKSkynetAlert reveals an exit scam involving zkFlexFinance, where the address ETH:0x54855D3133669B7EF54A2c962F5f63fdb44bBaE9 has dropped 100%. To make matters worse, the project’s social media presence and associated websites have been swiftly deleted, leaving investors in the dark. Another address, 0x84f90, has allegedly dumped tokens, profiting an estimated $56,000. This incident underscores the need for thorough due diligence when investing in new and unproven projects.

4. Price Slippage on DogeX (DOGEX) BSC:
Meanwhile, the #CertiKSkynetAlert highlights a price slippage incident on the DogeX (DOGEX) Binance Smart Chain project. The deployer of the project withdrew approximately $303,000 USDT from the liquidity pool. Price slippage concerns investors due to the potential manipulation and unfair practices that may compromise their investments.

5. Flash Loan Exploit on pSeudoEth Contract:
In yet another alarming incident, the #CertiKSkynetAlert reports a flash loan exploit on the pSeudoEth contract. The attacker allegedly exploited the ETH address 0x62aBdd605E710Cc80a52062a8cC7c5d659dDDbE7, managing to abscond with approximately $2,300. Flash loan exploits have become a common occurrence in the crypto world, highlighting the need for improved security measures and robust auditing procedures.

The latest 24-hour hacking news in the world of cryptocurrencies has once again drawn attention to the vulnerabilities within the ecosystem. Incidents involving Justin Sun, Lido, FTX Accounts Drainers, zkFlexFinance, DogeX (DOGEX) BSC, and pSeudoEth contract emphasize the importance of vigilance and security in the rapidly evolving crypto landscape. Investors and project developers must exercise caution and implement stringent measures to protect themselves and their assets from such malicious activities.

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