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Investigating the Latest Fundraising Rounds in the Crypto Gaming Industry

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The world of blockchain gaming continues to evolve and attract significant investments. One of the recent hotspots in this space is Delabs Games, a blockchain game developer known for titles like Rumble Racing Star. In this investigative blog post, we will dive into the details of Delabs Games’ latest fundraising round and explore the potential implications for the crypto gaming industry.

Delabs Games’ Fundraising Rounds:

According to data from, Delabs Games recently announced a funding round, raising a total of $4.7 million. The funding round was led by Hashed Fund, a well-known investor in the blockchain space. Other notable backers include The Spartan Group, Polygon Fund, and Merit Circle.

Delabs Games is the crypto gaming arm of 4:33 Creative Lab, a South Korean game developer with over 13 years of experience in the industry and more than 250 million global downloads. The parent company has already released successful mobile games such as Boxing Star, Battle Boom, and Eroica.

Implications for the Crypto Gaming Industry:

The substantial amount raised by Delabs Games in this fundraising round indicates the growing interest and confidence in blockchain-based gaming projects. With established game developers like 4:33 Creative Lab entering the crypto gaming market, it signals a shift in the industry landscape.

The involvement of prominent investors like Hashed Fund further validates the potential of blockchain gaming. Hashed Fund is known for its investments in various blockchain projects and has a keen eye for promising ventures. Their support of Delabs Games suggests that they see value in the company’s vision and potential to disrupt the gaming industry.

Delabs Games’ previous release, Rumble Racing Star, has already garnered positive attention in the gaming community. The game combines traditional racing elements with blockchain technology, allowing players to own and trade in-game assets securely. This successful launch could have played a role in attracting investors for the company’s future endeavors.

The recent funding round for Delabs Games showcases the growing interest and investment in the crypto gaming sector. With a parent company that has a strong track record in game development, Delabs Games is well-positioned to combine their expertise with blockchain technology to create innovative gaming experiences.

As the crypto gaming industry continues to gain traction, we can anticipate more investments in similar projects. The involvement of renowned investors like Hashed Fund is a positive sign for the future of blockchain gaming. We look forward to witnessing the impact of Delabs Games’ upcoming releases and their contribution to the ever-evolving landscape of the gaming industry.

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