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Investigative Report: Crypto Hacking News Roundup – $194K Ethereum Phishing Scam and $458K ArcadiaFi Exploits

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In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies, hacking incidents and scams are unfortunately becoming increasingly common. In the past 24 hours, several alarming instances have come to light, underscoring the need for heightened security measures within the crypto community. From a phishing scam resulting in the theft of $194,000 worth of Ethereum to the exploitation of ArcadiaFi on both Ethereum and Optimism networks, let’s delve into the details of these concerning incidents.

Attack 1: ClaimRewards Phishing Scam
Warning bells rang loud as PeckShieldAlert reported a significant phishing scam that targeted unsuspecting crypto users looking to claim rewards. The scam, aptly named Fake_Phishing182233, successfully swindled approximately 104 ETH, amounting to an estimated value of $194,000. The address associated with the scam can be traced back through the transaction link [1].

Attack 2: Exploitation of ArcadiaFi on Ethereum and Optimism
ArcadiaFi, a platform operating on both Ethereum and Optimism networks, fell victim to a devastating cyberattack resulting in a combined loss of approximately $455,000. A community contributor, collaborating with PeckShieldAlert, discovered the perpetrators and shared their findings. In the Ethereum network, the attacker, identified as 0x5C75e94dD0Ab9c10BFd1B8073DafEF031D3c050d, executed a frontrun, exploiting vulnerabilities inherent in ArcadiaFi’s system. The associated transaction can be found on Etherscan [2].

Not content with their Ethereum exploits, the attacker set their sights on the Optimism network, where they deployed their assets under the address 0xd3641c912a6a4c30338787e3c464420b561a9467. Through the bridge mechanism, the attacker managed to transfer approximately 179.3 ETH, a combination of bridged 148 ETH and 59,000 USDC. The evidence of this transfer can be found on Optimistic Etherscan [3].

Attack 3: Flashloan Exploits on ArcadiaFi
The ArcadiaFi project continued to sustain further damage as CertiKSkynetAlert highlighted flashloan exploits on both Ethereum and Optimism networks. The attacker capitalized on a lack of validation and exploited a vulnerable function, enabling them to approve assets to themselves. This breach resulted in the theft of around $458,000 worth of USDC and ETH. The specifics of the attack and the associated incident details can be traced back through CertiKSkynetAlert’s announcement on their official account [4].

Attack 4: Discord Server Compromise and Phishing
Crypto enthusiasts using the popular communication platform Discord faced a security breach when the Holoride Discord server was compromised. The attacker managed to post a phishing site, posing a serious threat to users who might unwittingly click on the fraudulent links. The Holoride team has been working diligently to regain control of the server, but until they officially confirm their success, it is imperative for users to exercise caution and refrain from clicking on any links shared within the server [5].

These recent hacking incidents underscore the pressing need for improved security measures within the crypto space. As hackers continue to target both individuals and platforms, it is essential for users to exercise vigilance and stay informed of the latest security threats. Platforms and projects must prioritize security audits and implement robust mechanisms to safeguard user funds. By remaining vigilant and embracing a security-first approach, the crypto community can collectively combat these malicious actors and ensure a safer digital ecosystem.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on publicly available sources and the details of the incidents may be subject to change or further investigation.

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