Saturday, May 18, 2024

Investigative Report: Hacking News in Crypto – 24 Hour Update

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Subtitle: Analyzing the Latest Malicious Activities and Exploits

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, malicious actors are constantly implementing innovative methods to exploit vulnerabilities and deceive unsuspecting individuals. In the last 24 hours, our cyber security analysts at PeckShield and CertiK Skynet have uncovered several alarming incidents related to scams, phishing attempts, and flashloan exploits. Let’s delve into the details and dissect these incidents to understand their modus operandi.

PeckShield Alerts:

1. ZeroTransfer Scam: $USDT Stolen

A scammer was successful in grabbing 20M $USDT from 0x4071…9Cbc but was unable to reach the intended address of 0xa7B4BAC8f0f9692e56750aEFB5f6cB5516E90570. Instead, the funds were transferred to a phishing address, 0xa7Bf48749D2E4aA29e3209879956b9bAa9E90570. Promptly, Tether’s USDT team added the scammer’s address to their blacklist to prevent further damage.

2. Uwerx (WERX) Exploited: Significant Losses Incurred

@uwerx_network suffered a loss of approximately $325.7K when exploited by an unknown party. The exploiter initially funded the attack through #TornadoCash. Further details can be found in the associated transaction link.

CertiK Skynet Alerts:

1. Known Honeypots Detected on Base

The deployer address, 0xf01E51504a9F5020f6F46cC0bc76C1d2EfB40ec0, has been linked to known honeypot scams involving 32 memecoins on Base. These deceitful activities have resulted in a profit of 597.3 ETH, equivalent to approximately $1.09 million.

2. Flashloan Exploit on Uwerx (WERX)

A flashloan exploit has targeted Uwerx (WERX) resulting in a loss of 176 ETH (~$327K) over two transactions. The attacker leveraged a series of actions to manipulate the balances and create an imbalance within the UWERX contract, enabling them to exploit the system and profit from the situation.

Phishing Attempt:

Celatis Impersonation: Do Not Interact with hxxps://

A phishing site, advertised by @celatis, has been identified. We strongly advise against interacting with the fraudulent site hxxps:// Please exercise caution and remain vigilant to protect your digital assets and personal information from such malicious campaigns.

The rapid pace of technological advancements within the crypto industry demands heightened security measures and constant vigilance. Recent incidents, such as the ZeroTransfer scam, exploitations on Uwerx, honeypot scams on Base, and the phishing attempt by Celatis, serve as reminders of the risks associated with digital assets.

As users and investors, it is crucial to stay informed, exercise caution, and follow best security practices. By arming ourselves with knowledge and embracing cybersecurity measures, we can collectively work towards creating a safer environment for all participants in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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