Saturday, May 18, 2024

Microsoft’s Revolutionary AI Training Method and Genesis Bankruptcy Settlement Highlight Blockchain Updates

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In the ever-evolving world of technology, groundbreaking advancements continue to reshape industries, and the blockchain sector is no exception. This blog post explores two significant developments that have recently taken place – Microsoft’s innovative AI training method, the Algorithm of Thoughts (AoT), and the Genesis bankruptcy settlement.

Microsoft’s Algorithm of Thoughts (AoT): A Paradigm Shift in AI Training
Microsoft has introduced an exciting new AI training method known as the Algorithm of Thoughts (AoT) to enhance the reasoning abilities of language models. This novel approach utilizes in-context learning, enabling models to explore various solutions systematically. By doing so, problem-solving becomes more efficient and faster, addressing the limitations of current techniques.

The AoT method combines the power of human intuition with algorithmic exploration, resulting in models that possess improved performance and the capability to solve complex real-world problems more efficiently. Microsoft believes that implementing AoT into advanced systems like GPT-4 could be transformative, revolutionizing the way machines reason and solve problems.

Genesis Bankruptcy Settlement: A Step towards Resolving Creditor Claims
Digital Currency Group (DCG) has reached a tentative agreement with creditors of Genesis, a company that filed for bankruptcy earlier this year. Under the proposed settlement plan, unsecured creditors stand to recover 70% to 90% of their debts in USD equivalent or on an in-kind basis, depending on the digital asset denomination.

To address DCG’s liabilities, a new partial repayment agreement has been reached, involving two tranches of repayments totaling $1.1 billion. This negotiation provides hope for creditors, as it offers the possibility of a substantial recovery from the debts owed by Genesis. The agreement is subject to market pricing and final documentation.

36 Shortlisted Projects for the 2023 Shanghai Blockchain International Week Hackathon
The blog also highlights the shortlist for the upcoming 2023 Shanghai Blockchain International Week Hackathon, where 36 projects have been selected from over a hundred registered teams. This prestigious event will take place in Hongkou from September 15th to 17th, with the theme of ‘Next Stop, Web3.0’ featuring three major tracks: Web3.0 Mass Adoption, AI, and DePIN.

The selected projects showcase the talent and innovation in the blockchain space, with intriguing names such as AIShow, Ganetacus, Morphing Blocks, and Specy Network, among others. These projects represent the potential of blockchain technology in diverse sectors, including finance, gaming, and AI.

As the blockchain industry continues to advance, it is essential to stay updated on the latest developments that drive its growth. In this blog post, we explored Microsoft’s innovative AI training method, the Algorithm of Thoughts (AoT), which promises to enhance problem-solving abilities. Additionally, we discussed the Genesis bankruptcy settlement, offering hope to its creditors. Lastly, we highlighted the shortlisted projects for the 2023 Shanghai Blockchain International Week Hackathon – an exciting event that brings forth the potential of blockchain technology in various domains. These updates underscore the continuous evolution and transformative power of blockchain technology in our digital world.

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